Premium Olive Oil

Riccolivo Olive Oils come from Edremit – Ayvalık region located on the foothills of Kaz Mountains in the Aegean region, one of the regions of the world with the highest oxygen levels.

Olives are collected from trees for Riccolivo olive oil and transported to cold-press facilities as quickly as possible to be pressed. Thus, Riccolivo Olive Oils have very low acidity levels. They are classified as 100% Natural Extra Virgin Olive Oils with 0.3 – 0.8% acidity levels.

Light green texture in Riccolivo’s color and fresh grass smell invites nature to your tables. Riccolivo olive oils are also very rich in Vitamin E, which is known for its anti-oxidant and anti-cholesterol features.

High Quality Olive Oil

100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil Veraolive visits our tables directly from Aegean lands with its rich vitamin content and high-quality taste.

Veraolive Olive Oils are produced from olives collected directly from their branches during harvest season and cold-pressed without waiting. Its high polyphenol levels ensure an unmatched taste. Veraolive creates awareness through its modern lines.

Veraolive brings Aegean breezes to your breakfast and dining tables and is ideal for those who cannot give up on the taste of an Aegean olive oil. Olive oil is an irreplaceable piece of healthy cuisine and Veraolive will be the primary player in yours.

100% Handmade Soaps

100% natural and handmade soaps prepared with organic oils and herbs are presented to you under The Soap Factory’s guaranteed service.

We produce various soaps including Bıttım, Defne (Daphne) Soap, Goat Milk Soap, Donkey Milk Soap, Juniper Berry Soap, Lavender Soap, Black Sesame Soap, Rose Petal Soap, Sulfur Soap and many more.

The Soap Factory soaps not only will improve your skin but also will leave a fresh and long-lasting scent in your home and on your clothes because of its herbal oil and herb content.

Traditional Turkish Coffee

The Mill Coffee Roastery presents traditional coffee types with a modern twist.

  • Dibek Coffee: Coffee pound up in a Dibek with traditional methods
  • Dibek Coffee prepared with six different ingredients
  • Turkish Coffee
  • Terebinth Coffee

We have 4 different coffee types produced from first class 100% Arabica seeds, including Turpentine Coffee.

Coffees grounded in modern machines lose their essence. “Dibek Coffee” on the other hand is prepared by pounding up in a Dibek as a traditional method. Dibek is a stone with a cavitation in the middle. Coffee seeds are pounded up in this cavity with the help of a mallet. This way, coffee seeds preserve their oils and essences and produce a much more tasty coffee.

The Mill Coffee Roaster’s difference is hidden in its taste and it will become your new coffee choice.

Arnas family combines 350 years’ worth of experience with modern production technologies to present the most delicious and highest quality products to consumers.

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