Arnas Agro

"A tradição é a construção do futuro"

Arnas Agro is an agriculture and food company which has strong and high quality brands in olive oil, soap, and coffee industries.

Arnas family combines 350 years’ worth of experience with modern production technologies to present the most delicious and highest quality products to its consumers.

Arnas Family has a background of 350 years in the Southeastern Turkey (Mesopotamia). The family is active in producing agricultural products such as grape and almond in the region.

In the vineyards of the region, more than twenty different types of grapes such as mezrone, kerkus, zeyti, zeynabi and deyvani are grown. For thousands of years, products like grape molasses, dried fruit roll-ups, table grape and dried grape are produced in Mesopotamia.

Arnas agriculture is proud to produce two different types of olive oil and traditional coffee with modern style. In addition to food production, Arnas Agro produces many types of %100 natural handmade soaps.

Arnas family has been active in vineyard and agriculture business for 8 generations and carries the traditions of the past to present day. Exciting and joyful adventures of Arnas Tarım products as they reach our consumers continues with the diligence, belief and honesty our ancestors left us.