Arnas Agro

"350 Years of Land and Agriculture Experience"

Arnas Agro is an agriculture and food company that offers a wide range of high-quality brands in the olive oil, soap, and coffee industries.

Arnas family combines 350 years of experience with modern production technologies. It presents you the most delicious and highest quality products.

The Arnas Family has a long history of 350 years in the southeast of Turkey (Mesopotamia).The family has been producing agricultural products such as grapes and almonds in the region for centuries.

For thousands of years, products like grape molasses, dried fruit roll-ups, table grape and dried grape are produced in Mesopotamia; more than twenty different types of grapes such as mezrone, kerkus, zeyti, zeynabi and deyvani are grown.

Arnas Agro offers you wide range of products from 100% natural, additive-free olive oil obtained from high-quality olives through cold press method to Turkish coffee which is expertly roasted and carefully packaged. Our products are not limited to the food industry; Arnas Agro presents you many different soap types produced from high-quality herbal oils through natural methods.

Arnas family has been active in vineyard and agriculture business for 8 generations and it has been carrying its experience till today.The excitement and joyful adventure we experience while delivering Arnas Tarım products to you, our valued consumers, continues with the hard work, faith and honesty that our family has inherited.