Arnas Agro

"350 Years of Soil and Agriculture Experience"

Arnas family has a history of 350 years. The family is originated from the old ruler of the “Botan” region, which was consisting of the current Southeastern Turkish cities of Shirnak, Siirt, Batman, and Eastern Mardin.

Koçek Bey, son of the ruler of Botan, settled in the Mardin Midyat region, where the family lived in the 17th century. The family experienced its most prosperous period under the rule of Kocek's grandsons, Temir Bey (the ancestor of the popular modern Turkish surname of Teymur) and then Osman Bey.

Osman Bey became one of the most prominent beys of the Mardin region during his lifetime (19th century). Osman Bey ensured safety and security in the villages he ruled. He was regarded as the official authority in the region by the Ottoman Empire, he was in charge of collecting taxes from the villages, and establishing order in the area he ruled.

Osman Bey's influence on the region was not limited to these. In his time, grape farming in Mesopotamia has enjoyed its golden age.

Osman Bey mobilized the villagers and the people under his command to renew all vineyards. He increased the variety of grapes by introducing new grape varieties and had many water wells dug to meet the water needs of the region.

Today, thanks to Osman Bey's efforts, 25 different grape types are being grown in the region’s vineyards specific to Mardin/Midyat territory including Mezrone, Kerkush, Zeyti, Zeynebi, Deywani, Direjik, Bilbizeki, Hassani, Misabeki, Bakari, Karfok, Teyfi, Kunduri, Koxer, and Dafirkelbe.

In addition; molasses, vinegar, dried fruit roll-ups, table grapes, and dried grapes are produced in the region.

Midyat Assyrian wine produced from these grapes with traditional methods is an irreplaceable piece of wine collection.

The family also works in almond agriculture and has played important role in sustaining almond agriculture in the region for a long time.

The Arnas family, which has grown for more than 350 years with the power it receives from the soil, carries the experience of the past to the present.

Being aware of the importance of the soil for humans and humanity, we continue to produce without compromising the principles of our ancestors.

The exciting and joyful adventure of Arnas Agricultural Products continues with the diligence, belief, and honesty we inherited from Osman Bey.