Riccolivo Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil is obtained from olives collected from the centuries-old olive trees on the slopes of the Kaz Mountains. Kaz Mountains have one of the highest oxygen levels in the world. Olives collected from trees are brought to the cold pressing center without waiting much, whereupon their oil is extracted.

Riccolivo, a premium 100% extra virgin olive oil, has the herbaceous scent of newly ripened fruits, leaving a pleasant burning sensation in the mouth.


Enjoy handmade The Soap Factory products produced with traditional methods. Each product is handmade and produced with natural and herbal ingredients.

It offers you wide range of products from bath salts which provide a perfect bath experience with its bubbles while nourshing your skin to soaps produced from high-quality herbal oils through natural methods.


The Mill brings together unique flavors for you. We offer a wide range of 100% natural products from roasted Turkish coffee to olive oil produced from high-quality, additive-free olives by cold-pressing method and packaged with expertise and care.

Your breakfast will turn into an amazing experience with The Mill Gourmet series, which brings together unique tastes! Our products, which are composed of many different flavors from acuka to orange jam, are extremely healthy.


With its Rose Care series, Rosebella brings the miracle from Anatolian lands to your skincare routine. Damask rose is the main ingredient of our products and the most special of the rose varieties.

It is one of the most special plants that filled Cleopatra's bath in Ancient Egypt, perfume bottles in Rome, symbolizing fertility and depicting the lover. Roses, which miraculously transform the skin, were not only used in the field of cosmetics but also continued to be used in the health sector throughout history.


Traditional coffee flavors are with you with the quality difference of Alia Sultan. Our products are prepared with first-class coffee beans and real spices and do not contain artificial flavors, colorants, and sweeteners. Our coffees are expertly roasted, freshly ground, and carefully packaged.


As Iskele, we package and present to you dried figs, which are jammy, thin-skinned, and have a pulpy consistency. We choose figs that have been grown naturally without any chemical fertilization or spraying. Our product does not contain additives.

Our figs are sun-dried, produced through this traditional and natural method. We offer our figs for sale in two different options; 500 grams, and 300 grams.