Riccolivo Olive Oil, Riccolivo Olive Oils come from Edremit – Ayvalık region located on the foothills of Kaz Mountains in the Aegean region, one of the regions of the world with the highest oxygen levels.

Olives are collected from trees for Riccolivo olive oil and transported to cold-press facilities as quickly as possible to be pressed. Thus, Riccolivo Olive Oils have very low acidity levels. They are classified as 100% Natural Extra Virgin Olive Oils with 0.3 – 0.8% acidity levels.

Light green texture in Riccolivo’s color and fresh grass smell invites nature to your tables. Riccolivo olive oils are also very rich in Vitamin E, which is known for its anti-oxidant and anti-cholesterol features.


100% natural and handmade soaps prepared with organic oils and herbs are presented to you under The Soap Factory’s guaranteed service.

Natural Bath Salts:

Sea salt, epsom salt, pink himalayan salt, nutritious carbonate, various medicinal plants and aromatic oils are combined in these bottles. Bath salts used by adding them to the bathtub water allow the body to relieve all tiredness and purify it from toxins.

Coconut Oil:

The Soap Factory coconut oil is a %100 pure, natural and edible oil produced with cold-pressing without losing its vitamin and beneficial properties.

The Mill Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The Mill olive oil is 100% natural extra virgin olive oil with a unique taste that comes to the tables from the centuries-old olive trees ripened by the rain and winds of the Aegean.

Tahini & Molasses

Tahini and molasses; It is one of the delicious breakfast foods full of unsaturated fats, iron and vitamins that are very beneficial for heart health.

Tahini Halva

Tahini halva is one of the foods that gives energy in the winter months and is very beneficial to the body with its calcium and iron storage sesame content.

Types of Coffee

The Mill Coffee Roastery presents traditional coffee types with a modern design. The Mill offers traditional coffee types in a modern design. We have 6 different types of coffee with special aroma from first class coffee beans.

Olive Varieties

We carefully select the highest quality olives with unique flavors obtained from thousands of trees.

The Mill Gurme

The Mill Gourmet Series will turn your breakfast into an insatiable experience.


Rosebella; With its “Rose Care” series, it incorporates a miracle from Anatolian lands into your skin care routine. Say hello to the miracle with the "Rosa Damascena Mill", known as the Damask rose, the most special of the rose varieties and originating from the Isparta region in Anatolia!

Damask rose extracts, which contain riboflavin, calcium, potassium, pyridoxine, zinc, fiber, iron, magnesium, vitamins C, D, E, B3, A as they exist in nature, were brought together by Rosebella with the skin rejuvenating 1st Class Hyaluronic Acid.

It is one of the most special plants that filled Cleopatra's bath in ancient Egypt, and perfume bottles in Rome, symbolizing fertility and depicting the lover. Putting the skin into a miraculous transformation, roses have continued to heal throughout history, not only cosmetically, but also thanks to their anti-inflammatory and scar-removing properties.